Elevation Diplomatic Residence

Finishing contractor : Elmi Olindo &​ Co

Structural & civil contractor : Bamacon

Local Architect: Bigar

Promoter: DH1

Facility: Apartment building 

Located in 6 kilo at proximity of the French Embassy, this 7 storey real estate is aimed at housing diplomatic staff. Facilities include 2 basement parking areas, 112 units, gym, swimming pool.

Alama Engineering Services is installing 1.5km of apartment ventilation ducts, 10km of fire firefighting pipework, 2000+ sprinklers, 20+ fire hydrants and cabinets smoke extraction, staircase pressurization, gym A/C & ventilation, & parking ventilation as well as industry standard interlocking garbage chute system.

Certainly one the most ambitious & challenging endeavour of our firm.