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Eagle Hills - LaGare One

Finishing contractor : Elmi Olindo 

Shell and core contractor : Rama

Local Architect: ZIAS

Mech design: Sanmech

Facility: Apartment building 

Located on the former headquarter of the Ethiopian Shipping Lines plot at Lagare, this 21 story building is the first phase of a monumental development that will take place with the old Lagare at its center. More on the project here at the official page.

Alama Engineering Services has been awarded the installation of HVAC and firefighting services and has mobilized in February 2022. 

Scope of work


9km+ of sprinkler and FHC pipework

40+ FHCs

2300+ sprinklers 

750GPM Diesel + Electrical + Jockey fire pump set


Staircase pressurization

Smoke extraction

Appartment ventilation (toilet, kitchen,..)

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