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BGI (Castel  Group) Ethiopia headquarters

Main contractor : Elmi Olindo &​ Co

Facility: Headquarters

Located at Mexico, this 8 storey building is going to house the headquarter of BGI Ethiopia, the leading and oldest beer manufacturer in Ethiopia at their historical location adjacent to their factory. At completion it will be one of the most iconic building in Addis Ababa by its unique building envelope and state of the art insulation. Facilities include, parking space, offices space, gym, executive apartments, and the Saint-George Club.

Alama Engineering Services is currently commissioning HVAC ducting in phenolic pre-insulated sheets, heat pumps, AHUs, fans, Fire pumps and Fire cabinets along with piping, precision AC for servers, split ACs, hot water heater and recirculating pump, fan coil units and chiller, kitchen hoods and wine refrigerators with remote compressors.

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